Our Story

Why Salt & Brick? Do you have time for a quick story? 
In September of 2017, Salted Brick Restaurant was purchased by Casey Greabeiel and Craig Lewis. Upon purchasing the restaurant they decided to stray from the original concept, which was a Premium Charcuterie establishment that cured their own meats. Hence, the name Salted Brick, which if you don’t know (we didn’t at first) is generally what is used to cure meats.
In the first couple weeks of owning the restaurant, Casey’s 6 year old Step Son, Jack, continually referred to the restaurant as saltnbrick. While discussing the plan to renovate and rebrand the business we thought what better way to pay tribute to the past and also differentiate ourselves going forward then by following Jack’s lead in calling the business Salt and Brick.
Trust us there’s a bit more to the story.
For years, Casey and his partner, Brandi Dea, had discussed opening a restaurant called “Needs Salt”. With obvious humor based on many high end restaurants reluctance to allow guests to add salt to their careful creations. We thought this philosophy was ridiculously pretentious and believed that making a bit of fun of that would be a great way to show that despite our desire to provide an incredible guest experience we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The next serendipitous moment came when our Chef revealed that he loved making his own one of a kind salt’s, we always have a selection available for sampling as well as for purchase. We recommend the Jalapeño Salt especially with seafood or on a hand crafted Paloma at our sister restaurant, Bacaro/Jack’s.
The Brick component of our name is quite a bit simpler, we reside in a building that was built in 1905 and maintains its original Brick on the East side of our restaurant. It’s one of the main reasons we purchased Salted Brick in the first place.
That’s our story, well at least the start of it. We sincerely hope that you come experience all that we have to offer for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed (and if you are too bad, just kidding if you are disappointed please let us know so that we can address it and ensure that your lasting memory of us is one incredibly special).